Can AI Save Customer Success?

I’ve been reading too many blogs and listening to too many podcasts. You know how I can tell? I just wrote a provocative, click-baity headline for this one. 🙂 Sorry about that. Because my headline implies that Customer Success needs saving, let’s start there. Despite...

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AI for President

I don't trust Bob, but I trust Bob to be Bob. In life there are many people we don't trust. Politicians are/should be the ones of greatest concern since they hold so much power in society. There is a lot of fear around AI. But really there is just a lot of...

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Intelligage November Newsletter

Meet Gage Arriving January 11th Convert Leads into opportunities by calling your prospect while they are still on the website.    Acknowledge a support ticket by calling to confirm the issue and setting a meeting with an expert. Ask critical questions required by the...

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Virtual AI Workforce @Austin Startup Week

Coffee! Arranged right before the HUGE AFTERPARTY!   Austin Startup Week was awesome with great speaker, meetings with Investors and founders alike.         Don't forget the Night life, we got to join in and demo our new AI Workforce to some of the attendees,...

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Intelligage October Newsletter

RevGPT Arriving Nov 30 95% of Salespeople Will be Replaced by AI Within 20 years - Khosla Ventures.  53% of salespeople's activities are automatable - Mckinsey DigitalIntelligage's approach.  Are you Ready?3 down and 3 to go!    Check out our podcast - Sales Disrupted...

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RAM Launch Party

Welcome to the RAM launch party held at Dreamforce 2023! ICYMI: we captured the RAM launch on video.  We missed you!What is RAM? What is RAM? Revenue Acceleration Mentor (RAM) is an AI-powered sales tool that stops revenue leaks and brings accuracy and transparency to...

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