The Accelerating Pace of AI Innovation: A Sales Leader’s View

The pace of AI innovation is staggering, and it’s poised to revolutionize the sales profession. How can AI transform sales teams and processes in the next 6-12 months? What are the practical applications of AI in sales today beyond the hype?

Join veteran Customer Success leader Dan Steinman, Evangelist at Gainsight, as he shares his insights on AI in sales in this forward-thinking episode. Learn how AI can analyze sales calls for deeper sentiment insights, qualify leads 24/7, and handle objections. They also explore thought-provoking trends like digital salespeople, augmented reality for demos, and the ethical dilemmas of AI. 

The AI Ethical Dillemma

Selling the value of AI as an accelerator versus a replacement will be key for adoption. Dan and Bryan discuss the potential impact of AI and augmented reality on sales. They believe AI will be adopted most quickly for qualifying leads and scheduling meetings, but have concerns about more advanced applications like digital avatars and the ethical dilemmas around replicating human interactions. Overall, they agree that AI promises to make salespeople more efficient and productive with new insights, but also threatens to replace certain roles.