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Case Study

“This innovative move resulted in a staggering 25-fold increase in customer coverage!”  – CS Operations

“The impact was transformative, driving Net Revenue Retention from 95% to an impressive 140%!”

Case Study: Churn Prediction is now a reality.

Learn how Talend enjoys 90% predictive accuracy on their NRR actions to identify Churn and identify expansions!

“The ability to do the evaluations and the coaching and the assistance at scale is unbelievable with what you can do with Intelligage!”

Brian Hodges

Co-founder and CEO, nCloud Integrators

Customer Signals

BenchSci wanted to understand which customers are promoters or detractors in order to find more upsell opportunities. They had thousands of conversations locked away in Zoom, HubSpot support tickets, emails, and Planhat that customer success managers couldn’t fully track.

Intelligage captured deep sentiment and loyalty data to properly trend each account’s propensity to expand or renew. This customer intent score helped the BenchSci team prioritize their time spent on the right accounts.

We have to turn users into fans, fans into advocates and advocates into evangelists. They have to tell their organizations about our value. Truly understanding how customers feel about us at the usage level is huge.

-Mike Egan, VP of Customer Success and Integrations, BenchSci

Intent Scoring

Silverline runs one of the top Consultancies for Salesforce focused on the top sectors such as financial and healthcare and a slack first Salesforce partner.

Instead of building its own solution to retrieve signals from their Customer Channels in Slack, Silverline turned to Intelligage to get days advance notice that a project was approaching failure based on Customer Intent, fending off an escalation before it reached the point of no return. Customers are more receptive to working through an escalation when it's transparently brought forth and acknowledged!

“CompleteCSM provides an exciting ability to uncover sentiment from every Slack channel and provide insights such as how a customer’s loyalty is trending. With the number of signals coming from customers from not only Slack but also Zoom, chats and other conversations, we see an incredible potential to address issues or opportunities as soon as they arise!”

Gireesh Sonnad
CEO, Silverlne

AI Coaching

Gainsight already recorded every customer call, but rewatching the meeting at 1.5X, taking notes, and coaching CSMs was inefficient. Intelligage was integrated between Gainsight and its customer interactions to determine the learning styles, emotional responses, and personality profiles of each customer. These insights were fed into a simulator to help CSMs prepare for upcoming meetings.

As a result, the CSM team in India was able to hold more effective conversations with customers using their enhanced EQ skillset.

I can’t over emphasize how critical EQ is for CSMs, it’s so hard to teach and measure. We use CompleteCSM's real-time sentiment as a coaching mechanism to standardize our detection points.

–Kellie Capote, SVP Customer Success, Gainsight

Our Customers Achieve Better Outcomes

Outcomes for more than 7,000 users across Salesforce, Gainsight, Hubspot eco-systems. 

Cheers to a few of our happy customers.


“Wow, I’ve known that person for two years now and that’s exactly what I would have said about how to work with them!

Sammie Stephens

Vice President Customer Success, Capacity

“There are a lot of Customer conversations and moving parts not just through me but other departments as well.   Tons of Data that we look to  CompleteCSM to analyze and let us know next steps!

Erica Cotton

Regional Lead Customer Success, Reciprocity



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