Unlock Intent signals from every conversation

Capture buyer intent and personalize follow-up with Emotional Quotient Index (EQI)


Amplify your recorded calls from Gong or Zoom, quantify pain during discovery, qualify accurately that you’re in the right deal.


You’re missing more than half of the conversational  intent without Non-Verbal in EQI.

It’s about much more than just keywords and sentiment.



Emotional Quotient

Index (EQI)

The Emotional Quotient (EQ) of people in conversations can now be understood and improved exponentionally with AI.  This is referred to as first party data because it is shared by the customer or prospect through conversations.


Non-Verbal communication


First Party Intent Data


Goleman's Emotional Intelligence


Plutchik's wheel of emotion

Do you have time to re-watch all of your team’s customer meetings at 1.5x ?


Secret Sauce

Some of the AI Services that make up EQI


Is your customer leaning in to show interest in what you are saying?

Chat GPT Summaries

Ready to get started using CHATGPT in your everyday?   Summarize your meetings to your CRM today.

Self awareness skills

Do your reps talk too much in customer calls or have trouble with filler words?  What about confidence?

Social Skills

The ability to tell stories, ask engaging questions, or create aha moments defines the awareness and the mirroring of other people in social situations.

Wheel of Emotion

Based on Plutchik’s Wheel of emotion to compare subjectivity to polarity for emotional sentiment like trust, fear, happy, sad.

AHA Moments

Did your customer have an AHA moments based on what you said?    Was it positive or did they have an allergic reaction?

Artificial Empathy

Deep Listening for customer interactions to build stronger relationship and provide insights around communication styles with Cyrano.ai.


Delivering a consistent experience in each sales and customer success meeting.

Building a World Class Team was never this easy.


  • Building a world class team was never this easy.
  • Intelligent analysis of each reps top conversations for EQI skills.
  • Create Customized coaching plans for each Rep based on moments in top rated conversations.
  • Don’t “ENABLE” your team, use continuous AI coaching.




ML Models that demystify patterns in historic churn or expansion.



Lost deals?   Recent Expansions?    Train ML models on your specific data, not generic datasets from somewhere else.    50% better predictions.

    With your customers, prospects and users based on their EQI. 


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    AI Services

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