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Customer Success for Everyone

Every customer success manager is empowered to deploy personalized Digital AI Agents for their Customer Base.

No Customer Left Behind


Every customer can be onboarded so that No Customer is Left Behind.   Forget the “Digital Journeys” like emails, videos and group webinars.  Instead introduce your Digital CSM AI Agent to customers the way you would introduce yourself. 


Have a Chat with Jeanie

You just subscribed to a new  Application called SaaSy that connects with your FutureTech Watch and other users in your nearby community.    

Jeanie is there to follow your onboarding steps to make sure you will get the best experience while getting started and sticky, ready for the next phase, adoption!  

Meet Jeanie for Onboarding your Long Tail Customers

Coming Soon: Meet Katie to help with adoption for no customer left behind!

Coming Soon: Meet Charlotte to handle thousands of Renewals.

Coming Soon: Meet John he can handle support tickets in a flash!

Deploy Customer Success Agents at Every Stage of the Journey

Onboard:  CSM AI Agents can follow a Success Plan (Gantt Chart) and ask the right questions during the conversation and update your CRM. 

Adopt:  Check in with Customers and ensure they are on track per their stated Goals and use cases. 

Expand / Renew:  CSM AI Agents can follow your process to ensure customers renew and buy more! 

Digital AI Agents can update your CRM too.


What is your AI Agent’s Goal?  As they are having conversations with Humans, your Digital AI Agents can update their success plan in Gainsight, Salesforce, Hubspot or any other CRM in realtime. 

We have you covered with Simple Integration built into the Agent with AI Programming Language (AIPL)


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Leave No Customer Behind and generate your own CSM AI Agent


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