Staying Competitive in the Age of Intelligent Selling

With 30 years in data, AI, and virtual reality, Jason Bissell sees huge potential for new generative AI to revolutionize sales through simulations, productivity “co-pilots”, and immersive customer data to enhance human capabilities. As AI buyers become more prevalent, sellers need AI to compete. Augmented reality can also provide missing emotional and non-verbal cues compared to video calls. Ultimately, AI adoption will be driven by its ability to gain a competitive advantage.

What if AI could reveal when someone is lying to you? Jason Bissell shares his vision for “trust glasses” that detect emotional cues, along with opportunities to integrate virtual interactions into the real world. Learn how data and AI can enhance human capabilities and transform sales through customer insights and real-time emotional intelligence. Join us as we explore the coming leaps in technology that will forever change how we communicate, compete, and connect with each other.

board meeting. We will have AI in there this time and find out what’s really going on.”

What if AI could analyze your sales conversations, surface insights, and reveal the next best actions? According to Jason Bissell, AI holds untapped potential for qualifying deals, providing third-party perspectives, and driving critical insights for sales teams. Hear why he believes AI isn’t used widely enough in sales and how it can be a game-changer. Learn how AI-generated insights compare to human predictions and get Jason’s advice for leveraging AI to accelerate opportunities.