Arranged right before the HUGE AFTERPARTY!


Austin Startup Week was awesome with great speaker, meetings with Investors and founders alike.        

Don’t forget the Night life, we got to join in and demo our new AI Workforce to some of the attendees, right before the largest party of the week!  

AI Workforce 

 A Virtual SDR, Marketing, Support and Customer Success

Arriving Nov 30

If you missed it, be the first to listen in as I had a conversation with an AI that can in turn talk to your prospects and customers.

What is an AI Workforce?

AI Workforce that can actually have a conversation with you.     This can take the form of several individuals focused on instantly reponsing to your customers and prospects. 


Sales Inbound – A business development rep (SDR) has a main goal of connecting with prospects immediately after any warm inbound response and getting a meeting with an Account Executive for a demo and discovery.

Sales Outbound – In the middle of a sequence, everything pauses waiting for a BDR to call the prospect.     Send Gage, virtual BDR instead to call the prospect and get a meeting! 

Customer Service – Submit a support ticket, get an immediate call to validate your problem.     Hitting usage telemetry limits call the customer and let them know about right sizing and buying for a whole year.