Sales Disrupted: Tales of AI Transformation

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world of sales. To help make sense of this sea change, we’ve assembled a star-studded lineup of sales leaders to share their insights on how AI is transforming the sales landscape. From recognizing how AI is altering prospecting and lead generation to understanding how to best implement AI tools to boost productivity, our guests pull back the curtain on how to harness the power of AI to take your sales game to the next level.

Join us as we explore the AI revolution in sales, with candid perspectives from those on the frontlines driving this transformation. Get the inside scoop on AI trends, practical tips and strategies to integrate AI into your sales workflow, and predictions for how AI will continue disrupting sales in the years ahead.

Faisal Khan, VP Enterprise Applications at Qlik

In this podcast, Faisal Khan, VP Enterprise Applications at Qlik, discusses how AI can improve sales team productivity and accelerate the sales process. He explains that AI can help salespeople by summarizing information, capturing notes, reading customer emotions, and understanding buyer preferences. This allows sales teams to bring relevant data into the sales process, and better predict sales outcomes. He emphasizes the importance of capturing emotional intelligence from online meetings to gauge customer interest and intent. Overall, Faisal is very optimistic about AI revolutionizing the sales process by improving productivity, capturing insights, and predicting sales cycles more precisely.  Click here to read more!

Jason Bissell, Global Sales Leader and AI Expert

With more than 30 years of experience in data, AI, and virtual reality, Jason Bissell sees huge potential for new generative AI to revolutionize sales through simulations, productivity “co-pilots”, and immersive customer data to enhance human capabilities. As AI buyers become more prevalent, sellers need AI to compete. Augmented reality can also provide missing emotional and non-verbal cues compared to video calls. Ultimately, AI adoption will be driven by its ability to gain a competitive advantage. Click here to read more!

Dan Steinman, Gainsight Evangelist

Dan predicts astonishing technological shifts in the next 20 years. He’s seen AI boost productivity by analyzing sales calls for unbiased insights, enhancing accountability, and qualifying leads with rapid-fire Q&A. But Dan cautions companies must integrate AI responsibly to avoid ethical missteps as innovation accelerates. The key is balancing AI’s analytics with human emotional intelligence. With the right strategy, AI and humans can combine strengths for sales breakthroughs.  Companies must ride the AI wave or get left behind.  Click here to read more!

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