Faisal Khan, VP Enterprise Applications at Qlik

Sales Disrupted: Tales of AI Transformation Episode 1

Welcome to our first Sales Disrupted podcast! In this podcast, Faisal Khan, VP Enterprise Applications at Qlik, discusses how AI can improve sales team productivity and accelerate the sales process. He explains that AI can help salespeople by summarizing information, capturing notes, reading customer emotions, and understanding buyer preferences. This allows sales teams to bring relevant data into the sales process, and better predict sales outcomes. He emphasizes the importance of capturing emotional intelligence from online meetings to gauge customer interest and intent. Overall, Faisal is very optimistic about AI revolutionizing the sales process by improving productivity, capturing insights, and predicting sales cycles more precisely.

Fact or Fiction: Using AI Sales tools, you can boost productivity by 20% and gain predictability of the sales cycle.

Embrace the AI revolution for enhanced productivity and customer understanding. With the right tools, sales professionals can achieve 120 to 150% greater productivity and gain profound insights into their customers. The future is promising as AI adoption continues to accelerate, and this unstoppable evolution is set to reshape the sales landscape.


Unlock AI’s potential for sales productivity and predictability. In today’s world, AI transcends the line between fact and fiction. Our sales team has seen AI’s impact firsthand: it can summarize information, understand buyer emotions, and gather invaluable insights. Imagine automating tasks, capturing crucial data, and making it accessible to your entire team, enabling predictive decision-making.

How was School today?  Kid says “Good”.   How was your sales meeting?   Rep says “Good.”  How is this helpful? Learn how Faisal Khan uses AI to help with understanding how productive sales meetings are and how he can now check Salesforce where he has access to how the meeting really went!