Arriving Nov 30

95% of Salespeople Will be Replaced by AI Within 20 years – Khosla Ventures.  53% of salespeople’s activities are automatable – Mckinsey Digital

Intelligage’s approach.  Are you Ready?

3 down and 3 to go!    Check out our podcast – Sales Disrupted – and if you’re a Sales Leader experimenting with AI come and talk to us!  We’ll make you famous!

What the heck is Revenue Leakage?


Sponsored conference pass by Gainsight (Thank you!) and Bryan wore his #1 Customer Jersey!    Actually he was #5 when he bought it at Informatica!

Acceptance of AI – discussed in the context of the Gartner Hype Cycle and issues with Silos in Company Culture.   

Great to meet everyone there!

AI Assist for Sales

The latest in Gen.AI to help reps qualify, handle objections and follow your favorite sales process including MEDDIC, MEDPIC, BANT and other variants.

BONUS: Update your CRM with customer responses to Qualify opportunities and combine with the Machine Learning ability of the Intelligage Confidence Score.

Dallas Venture Summit 23

This is how we do it in Dallas!   Sport filled from disrupting the Game of Golf, to Chiefs CEO Clark and Basketball hero Dirk Nowitzki on Investing!