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Can I buy predict by itself without the other products?

Predict creates maching learning models from your Expanded of Churned Customer’s conversations (Intent EQI) combined with operational data and usage telemetry from your CRM.  Predict then applies the same patterns to current customers or deals.       So the answer is no, Predict only works with the objective data from the earlier editions. 

How can I join the Orchestrate Beta?

It’s actually in Alpha right now, private beta is coming Mid April.    Just send us a note!

How much are the Meet conversations after the 100?

We’re still market testing our pricing, but if you ask right now we’ll get you setup for $1 each or better.   Just ask!

Stop re-watching meetings, experience them with RAM

Capture non-verbal gestures, emotional quotient variables and ChatGPT analyzed summary from your calls.      Learn skills and coach your team from your current objective data.   

Stop wasting time re-watching your teams meetings at 1.5X and experience that latest in conversational AI.