Use Emotionally Intelligent Intent [EQI] data to improve your predictions 50%. 

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You’re missing Intent in your Predictions

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Emotionally Intelligent Intent [EQI] - from Conversations


Operational Data - ACV, Health


Usage Telemetry - Seat Usage, Consumption

Confusion matrix

Once a model is created based on actual data, the Machine Learning runs a subset of the same data against the model to test for accuracy, F1 Score and Recall.   It’s the only way to ensure the model works!

Machine learning

Techniques such as Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Radial Basis Function (RBF) are foundational ML Models that are extended with data in your organization.   These algorithms are tuned to find patterns in data and determine outcomes. 

Polynomial regression analysis

Continuously projecting data over time to determine how its trending shows tell tale signs of customer fatigue or expression.  Is Adoption on the rise but Intent decreasing?    Not a false positive but an indicator.    

organized by intent

Top prospects and customers and how they got to where they are now.   Mathematical expression shown statistically tells a story.


Emotionally Intelligent

Intent (EQI)

The Emotional Quotient (EQ) of your team can now be understood and improved exponentionally with AI.  This is referred to as first party data because it is shared by the customer or prospect through conversations.


First Party Intent Data


Goleman's Emotional Intelligence


Plutchik's wheel of emotion