Meet with Matt,

your customer,

who no one has spoken to

in quite a while . . . .

The Customer

Scenario:  You are a new Customer Success Manager at a company that sells wireless access point solution to Hospitals to ensure to ensure a rock solid, medical grade experience.

Your Customer Major Hospital, Your hospital has an iPhone app and the network needs to be rock solid, to ensure their new wireless app and other wireless equipment is always working perfectly.

Your company just raised it’s Series B so finally putting some budget into covering the other 80% of the customer base starting with the next tier of customers.     They are little discouraged because no one has reached out to these customers since the initial sell and the they feel unappreciate as a customer.

Reach out to Matt and try to put him at ease to secure his renewal and look for expansion opportunities (Gently).

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Notes:   Feel free to chat with Matt or have a full voice conversation.   Just click the Voice and Listen buttons in the chat window.

For the beta, we support Google Chrome.   

Have fun challenging yourself as the customer or the CSM and let us know how the conversation went!