Change Customer Experiences with AI




Modernize your Digital CSM with AI

You have a decision to make.  What kind of experience do you want your customers to have?  CSMs can make that experience awesome, but only for the select strategic customers.

Train the AI Scaler about your business and let him or her connect, develop a rapport and create a success plan using Generative AI.



Screen Candidates with an AI Interview

 Did you recently announce a job and have 100 applicants at the same time? 

Using Generative AI, just point our AI Scaler to the posted job description and upload the Candidates resume then send them a link from your favorite HR system.    

Our AI Hiring Manager Scaler will hold an “in-person” interview in a voice conversation and let you know their fit for the job. 



Create your own AI Scaler today!

Generate your AI Scaler by just describing it.   Onboard it the same way as a new hire, just 1000X faster.   Now is the time to create this job instead of filling or outsourcing it.



AI Scaler for Customer Service

Customer Experiences are everything.   Especially the initial ones.   Stop outsourcing or putting butts in seat just to answer the phone or live chat.   

Onboard your new AI Worker by just pointing to your community and helpdesk docs and get started right away!



Customer Experiences (CX) keep getting worse.

Defelected or Outsourced? When customers reach out, expectations are high.  The first experience with your company should not be with an entry level technician or person who knows English as a second language for voice or for chat.


65% of customers said they have chanced to a different brand bcause of a poor experience - Khoros 2023


78% of customers have backed out of a purchase due to a poor customer experience. - Glance 2023


73% customers said electronic systems have failed at connecting them to the right department or CSR in the past - ARM Treasure Data 2023

A New Approach is Needed


Just In Time (JIT) knowledge is learned about your prospect or customers the instant before the interaction, but like they’re old friends.


Engage at Scale.  Talk to everyone at exactly the same time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Human like emotions

Personality, Skills, Goals of how to do a specific job in a specific industry and at an exact company  – yours.    Deliver experiences perfectly every time dealing with humans.   


Invest in our Seed fund and advise us!

Want to get involved with the latest cutting edge of AI but not sure where to begin.   Be a part of our Journey!   We’re looking for a few good men or women to give us advice and be on our advisory board.    Join the fun #startuplife.   



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