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The Future of Work

What we Do

Stop Doing Grunt Work. 

Level 1 jobs have disappeared

First to outsourcing and now to AI.    The first experience with your company should not be with an entry level technician or person who knows English as a second language.     AI can not just read a script, but be conversational, witty, funny and get the job done, at a better price.


One in 16 workers may have to switch occupations by 2030. - McKinsey & Company 01/23/2023

Product Mgmt and support

Proactively reach out when a new support ticket is created and walk the customer through resources and determine if they have  need for a meeting with a level 2 engineer.  Get a meeting with a Product Mgr.

Customer Success

Call the long tail customers let them know about new features or respond to inbound questions to support.  


Sales Development Reps with a menaiable focus to call a prospect as soon as they show interest and get a meeting for an evaluation. 


Initial Screen of Candidates to determine if they are even a fit for a posted job.  This saves time, money and a possible legal issue. 

An SDR that Never Sleeps and makes prospects feel at home.

Zero to Hero this will be your best Sales Development Rep (SDR) and will get you meetings over the phone talking to prospects.

24 X 7 we never sleep.   Training the Gen.AI Workforce is from conversations that you’ve already had from Zoom or Gong.