Act On Customer Signals 

Connect customer interactions from your team’s cloud platforms with operational data to build a clear picture of sentiment and loyalty for every contact and account. Get alerts so your team can react to changes in real-time.

A Customer Surrounded by Icons from Cloud Tools

Meet Customers in the Moment

Monitor billions of conversations from all digital channels including Zoom, Gong, Slack, support, chats, and email. Grasp issues, challenges, successes and questions in real-time, and jump in when help is needed.

Recognize Changes in Intent

Commitment changes with each conversation and interaction. Track each individual’s intent at any level – buy, renew or expand – at any time so you’re never blindsided by a change in customer behavior again.

Go Beyond Meeting Intelligence

Use every meeting to build or recover momentum. Get a summary of every meeting along with action items, strategic plans, and shareable clips to increase team collaboration without extra work.

Case Study: Silverline

Using Signals to Measure Customer Loyalty

“CompleteCSM provides an exciting ability to uncover sentiment from every Slack channel and provide insights such as how a customer’s loyalty is trending. With the number of signals coming from customers from not only Slack but also Zoom, chats and other conversations, we see an incredible potential to address issues or opportunities as soon as they arise!”

Gireesh Sonnad
CEO, Silverlne

Every Conversation Affects the Customer Journey

Drive and win back intent with every interaction


 See how intent changes with each interaction on your team and get things back on the right track if they fall off.


Increase influence at each account with guided tactics to increase users and feature usage based on your company. 


Receive alerts when customers have intent to expand and introduce sales or account management to the account. 


Inform your team when customer intent has decreased for an account so they can intervene before a customer churns. 

Optimize Your Customer Journey

Never be blindsided by a Watermelon customer – a customer who seems green outside, but in reality, is red. Use CompleteCSM to help your team engage with the right customers at the right time.

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