Build a world class team without classic “enablement.”

a new way to coach your team

Coach with Generative AI.

You know what to do to kick butt with your team.     You already have all the data that you need.    Some Reps are killing it, some are new.    Everyone can be on the same level playing field, and one step ahead of your customers and prospects. 


EQI Skills Matrices by Role


Customized Coaching Plans


Adjust your Pitch from Customer Response

Upskill your team

Rank teams based on objection handling, qualification, negotiation and closing skills.  Empower them to practice with AI Coach for rapid improvement.

Who’s the best?   Deep Learning of personalized skills in how each person handle objections, Qualify or ask the right questions when they’re on a call.

Ever compared your Golf Swing to Tiger Woods?    Just like that! 


Coaching Insights on Every Call

Identify communication styles and mutual alignment between your team and your buyers.  Customize follow-up that will resonate with each individual.

Emotional Intelligence is a powerful skill.    How do two people align like kindred spirits, or have an allergic reaction to each other offering remedies for each.

AI Generated Coaching Plans

Surface best-in-class calls for each member of your team, allowing for practice and micro-improvement stage by stage.

Every Rep has awesome skills and some not so great.    Personalized Coaching Plans use AI to find the nuances of each skill and match up which calls to watch and the exact point to learn how to level up every skill. 

Real-Time Assist with Battle Cards

Equip your team with battlecards, customer data and engagement cues live in every meeting.

Deep Learning of personalized skills in how they handle objections, Qualify or ask the right questions when they’re on a call.

Self awareness and Regulation

Be aware of yourself and adjust.

React to customers body language

Lean in or Lean out, what’s happening on the other side of the camera and how should you respond.

Social awareness and regulation

Respond to customers and prospects appropriately.

Customized Coaching Plans

Review the best calls from reps in each role and learn from highlights.


Building a World Class Team was never this easy.


  • Speak your buyers language

  • Make reps more efficient

  • Pursue the right opportunities

  • Forecast with Confidence




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