Our AI Strategic Services

Responsible, Ethical, sustainable Audits

Across NIST, Responsible.AI, EOC, EU AI ACT,  Ensure you are ready to meet any challenge through utilzing Audit, assessments, and governance. 

Department AI Roadmap

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Departmental Gen.AI implementation

Setup a private, responsible, ethical, sustainable Large Language Model for your department. 

Train from your community

Retrieval Augmented Generation  (RAG) is the concept of adding documents to your LLM.   

Fractional Chief AI Officer

As organizations integrate AI deeper into their operational framework, it’s the CAIO who stands at the helm, steering the ship through both calm waters and tumultuous waves.  Below, we chart out the core responsibilities that define the role of a CAIO in today’s business world.


Define AI Vision and Strategy


Implementation and Scaling


Manage the ethics and compliance of AI


Internal and External Stakeholder Communication


Establish a culture of Continuous Learning and Innovation

Responsible AI Governance Gap

Our Gap Analysis of your company’s existing Responsible AI practices and governance is evaluated with the latest standards, emerging regulations, and industry best practices.

Ethical AI Risk and Impact Audit

Leverage our specialized auditing support to integrate the NIST AI Risk Management Framework seamlessly into your business operations to prepare your organization for immediate implementation of the NIST AI Framework.

EU AI Act Conformity Assessment

Unlock EU AI Act compliance with Intelligage expert auditing assistance. Our efficient auditing and regulatory compliance solutions ensure your organization’s readiness for EU AI Act Conformity Assessment


Departmental Gen.AI Roadmap

Ensure your deparmental teams are using AI tools responsibly, ethically and sustainably by department.


Customer Success: Onboarding plans, Kickoff calls, renewal emails.


Customer Support: Deflection with AI, Chatbot sources, RAG community


Sales & Marketing: Customer Campaigns Generated and executed with AI