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The Team:

What inspired us at Intelligage?

Acceptance of AI 

Generative AI, Conversational AI, Revenue Intelligence

It’s become impossible to survive without leveraging AI.

Guardrails for AI

STOP AI Hallucinations, STOP promising refunds to your customers.  Ensure Ethical AI by putting Guardrails to follow your processes no matter what.

Everything has changed in 2024.    

AI is not only accepted, but required to succeed as a business.   Don’t let it run out of control, make sure it’s supervised.   

The future of work is here and your customer experiences (CX) are not rapidly improving 



Bryan Plaster

Bryan Plaster

Founder and CEO

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor

Mad Scientist and co-founder

Jen Hom

Jen Hom

VP Growth Mktg and founding team

Funded By

Join our Seed Round we’re $1M on a $1.5 Goal for March 31, 2024


Board and Advisors

Our Approach

Create an ethical and responsible way for to implement Generative AI in Voice and text chatbots using Human Language.    Supervise AI to that you can watch and discipline it just like a human. 

Our Mission

Allow companies to quickly integrate AI into their existing Tech Stack or SaaS Product in a safe, ethical and responsible way by simply supervising AI like an employee. 

Our Vision

Every customer experience should be pristine hosted by a local entity ensuring customer success.  Enabled by our Supervised AI inside of any application and delivered to any end user for the best experience possible without – “Agent, Agent, Agent” syndrome.



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