about us

What inspired us at Intelligage?

Acceptance of AI 

Generative AI, Conversational AI, Revenue Intelligence

It’s become impossible to survive without leveraging AI.

Future of Work

Augmented Reality Coaching

Redistribution of workforce to scale

Utilzing Emotional Intelligence + Intent Data

Intelligent Workflow

Automation at Scale based on Intent

Each Human can accomplish 10X more


Everything has changed in 2023.    

AI is not only accepted, but required to succeed as a business.  The future of work is here and if your customer experiences (CX) are not rapidly improving with technology you’ll be out of business.   Intelligent workflow is enabling humans to produce 10X with less effort, are you current?


Our Approach

Carefully selecting and crafting the worlds most advanced AI technology from vendors such as OpenAI (ChatGPT), Amazon AWS, Cyrano.ai and Google, we’ve implemented a robust set of AI data that companies have never had before working in tandem.

Our Mission

Help the most advanced companies in the world improve in the areas that matter.

  • Make your customer meetings 10% better.
  • Coach your team in ways you haven’t heard of before with real-time and generative AI.
  • Improve your customer predictions. 50% more accurate.
  • Streamline engagement to improve the customer experience based on data you haven’t had before.

Our Vision

Make every person more productive and every company more successful by applying AI daily.  

Seed Funding from top VCs showing trust in our business and cash on hand.


Equity.com and Griswald Investments, LLC.


Next Stop, Series A

Founded and

Managed by:

Bryan Plaster

Bryan Plaster

Founder and CEO

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor

Mad Scientist and co-founder

Jen Hom

Jen Hom

VP Growth Mktg and founding team

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