DALLAS, TX, April 25, 2023 Intelligage, a fast-growth software company that turns every video call into invaluable data-driven sales playbooks, today released its Intelligent Engagement Cloud to help Sales and Customer Success teams onboard faster, qualify more confidently and forecast more accurately. Founded in 2020, Intelligage quickly gained traction among Customer Success teams by combining conversational AI with intent analytics to help leading businesses turn customer insights into positive outcomes.

“Intelligage was born when the pandemic created a tectonic shift in the way the world works together, and we knew it would never go back. Sales at every scale are – and will continue – being conducted via video in our hybrid workforce. Now, the scale and recent acceptance of AI has unleashed the power hidden in the massive data from recorded calls. This offers an unequaled advantage to our customers.” says Bryan Plaster, CEO and Co-founder of Intelligage. “Using dynamic emotional states and body language, we can couple Machine Learning with this biometric data to predict with confidence a person’s intent. We see limitless possibilities in economic disruption.”

With software sales increasingly relying on video technologies, call recordings have become standard practice for training purposes. It’s a treasure trove of data, but these calls are rarely being analyzed to determine real customer and prospect intent. Intelligage quickly and accurately conducts that analysis to help go-to-market teams learn more from every interaction, from qualification through renewal.

Optimizing video is essential after the SaaS industry’s dramatic correction.
As 2022 came to a close, the growth-at-all-costs focus shifted quickly and dramatically towards Rule of 40, where if a company’s revenue growth rate were to be added to its profit margin, the total should exceed 40%. With shrinking software budgets and downsized teams, “do more with less,” has become a common strategy. Leaders who couldn’t afford to forecast inaccurately or experience unexpected churn quickly realized that coaching after a call was too late. Intelligage generates personalized coaching plans, based on both sales methodology and a rep’s emotional intelligence (EQ) to hone in on exactly which skills a rep needs to improve.

“This application is a game changer! After each call, I see what resonated with each buyer and how best to follow-up. It lets me know which deals will close or renew while also highlighting where buyer intent is slipping and how to intervene.” Ira Shaughnessy, CRO at Intelligage.

Qualify, win and retain customers with confidence and accuracy
What customers and prospects say is only 7% of the conversation; Intelligage will add the missing 93% with the power of EQ, AI and Machine Learning. Bain & Company highlight how a 5% increase in client retention can boost profits by as much as 95%. Learn how Intelligage customers are onboarding new reps 60% faster, predicting churn with 90% accuracy and much more on April 25th at 11am CT.

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From discovery through renewal, Intelligage offers insights that allow GTM teams to build dynamic, data-driven playbooks while capturing non-verbal sentiment and buyer intent on every video call. Sales and CS leaders know which calls to review and when buyers are most engaged. Join Intelligage leadership, customers and advisors on April 25th to learn how to coach with more personalization, qualify opportunities with more accuracy, forecast with more confidence and prevent churn more predictably.

Dallas-based Intelligage (previously CompleteCSM) allows customers to gain more from video interaction. Intelligage helps customers optimize playbooks in real-time by leveraging the true sentiment of buyers and customers while helping to prevent churn when overlaid with CRM opportunity data. Learn more at https://intelligage.io.

About Intelligage

Intelligage is an intelligent engagement cloud platform that uses AI to infuse EQ into first party intent data on every video call. They help companies create world class teams with AI coaching, buyer and customer predictions, and taking actions on the customer journey at exactly the right time. They work with thousands of users at both small and enterprise customers to make coaching more personalized, forecasting more accurate, and churn predictions more effective. Proudly based in Dallas, Texas. 


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