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Unqualified designation ensures the highest level of security for its customers’ data.


Dallas — (BusinessWire)– CompleteCSM, Inc., a rapidly growing software company that democratizes Customer Success Intelligence, is pleased to announce today that it has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance in accordance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for Service Organizations  (also known as SSAE 18). Achieving an unqualified opinion provides expert third-party validation that CompleteCSM meets the highest standards for enterprise-level data security as established by the industry.

As businesses across all industries make greater use of machine learning and AI to improve their products and/or operations it is becoming increasingly important  to secure the private or sensitive customer data at the heart of those systems. As a leader in the customer intelligence space, CompleteCSM takes the responsibility for securing its customer data with extreme seriousness. As part of doing business every day, it collects and analyzes terabytes of customer interaction data, much of which contains sensitive private or proprietary information that needs to be secured from theft or misuse. With the unqualified SOC Type II designation, the company has taken the necessary next-step to ensure both its enterprise and SMB customers that their data and business are in the safest possible hands.

“Customer Intelligence has an insatiable appetite for data, the more the better. The data we need typically lies deep within a company’s systems, invariably contains sensitive proprietary and confidential information about the business and customers, and can’t be shared without the complete trust in our ability to keep it secure.  Achieving the highest level of SOC 2 Type II security certification earns us that trust. In return, we’re able to quickly process and analyze this data, identify patterns that signal intent, and generate actionable insights that in turn drives Net Revenue Retention. “ — Bryan Plaster, Co-founder and CEO at CompleteCSM.  

At the core of CompleteCSM’s business are advanced machine learning algorithms and AI models that provide deep predictive insights into each customer’s sentiment and their propensity to renew, churn, or expand. By eliminating the issue of security, CompleteCSM has expanded the range and level of data that businesses can comfortably share and submit for processing and analysis. Now, with no restrictions on the data, companies can safely bring information from any source and expand their enquiries to every part of their businesses, thus increasing the accuracy of CompleteCSM’s models and providing greater insights into their customers’ health and intent.

CompleteCSM, Inc. was audited by Prescient Assurance , a leader in security and compliance attestation for B2B, SAAS companies worldwide. Prescient Assurance is a registered public accounting in the US and Canada and provides risk management and assurance services.  For more information about Prescient Assurance, you may reach out to them at [email protected].

An unqualified opinion on a SOC 2 Type II audit report demonstrates to CompleteCSM, Inc.’s current and future customers that they manage their data with the highest standard of security and compliance.

Visit the CompleteCSM Trust page to learn more about its SOC Type II designation and its commitment to securing its customers’ data.

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