In CompleteCSM for Loyalty Reflection to work on customer tab, we need to take our current usage field, and copy it over to the usage field ActiveUsers__gc. The “Users” field (all users purchased by a company) is a standard field in Gainsight that you are using. Then the usage calculation is a percentage of ActiveUsers/Users = % and trends over time for the Graph in CompleteCSM Customers Tab. What we’ll need to do is create a rule to copy over YOUR usage field on a scale of 0-100 to the ActiveUsers__gc field, and we’ll add a rule to do it. This wasn’t installed in the Gainsight Sightline Vault package because we aren’t aware of your specific Usage field to use on Company Object

Usage with Loyalty Reflection in CompleteCSM

  1. First Create a Rule for Gainsight to do this update. Name it to copy from your OtherActiveUsageField to Active_Users so everyone knows what it does!

2. Next Step the rule. The first Rule Setup is to read Matrix Data from Company and your usage field. Ensure that you are reading from your other ActiveUsage Field that you want to copy the data from. The example field here is OtherActiveUsageField.

Be sure to add a filter of only usage information that has a value > 0

3. Setup the Rule Actions for the mapping to move the data into the new field. Set GSID as the Company Identifier so that we can update.

4. Test the flow, but you will need for this to run at least weekly to get the latest Score.

5. The integration will run Daily, so the next day you will see usage data filling out in CompleteCSM! Adoption Score, which is Active_Users / Users, and also the Loyalty Reflection graph week over week. Send us an email at [email protected] if you’d like to see the integration move more than once per day!

And that’s it!

Run the rule to copy over the Active_Users score and start to see time series data come alive!